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Arca Capital

Security token

Backed by an existing cash-flow generating asset - company Silverside

1. About BitPolis
BitPolis powered by Arca Capital

Professional investment solutions

BitPolis brings advanced digital investment platform for various assets including security token investment and trading in regulated market

BitPolis created by Arca Capital unlocks new investment opportunities in security tokens as well as traditional assets of Arca Capital. Silvero will be the first security token available on the BitPolis investment platform.


BitPolis brings various benefits and advantages to its clients and investors providing them maximum comfort and security.

Security tokens

Security tokens

BitPolis is focused primarily on security tokens of any kind fitting its business policy to bring its investors the best products in the market.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

BitPolis will be based in Switzerland and compliant with Swiss and EU legislation. On top of that, we seek to receive an approval from FINMA for Silvero to provide investors with full compliance and legal safety of token investment.

Diversified investment portfolio

Diversified investment portfolio

BitPolis is a unique investment platform merging traditional fiat investments with cryptographically secured assets in the form of its own security tokens.



BitPolis employs advanced security tools within registration and authentication area. Investors can choose specific services enhancing the secure storage of private keys like cold storage solutions.

Simple environment

Simple environment

The whole ecosystem is designed the way to be as simple as it gets with very intuitive and user-friendly environment including the investment application.



BitPolis provides cutting-edge technology for manifold digital investments on a global scale allowing investors from almost anywhere to join this platform and exploit all its benefits.

2. Platform

Investments in one place

BitPolis as fully regulatory compliant company facilitates investments not only for retail, qualified, but also for institutional investors.

Financial portfolio Financial products under one roof Crypto portfolio Buy, sell, trade your crypto assets Vault service Protect your funds everywhere

One stop solution

Well known financial product can be now managed through BitPolis mobile application easily. You can manage your financial portfolio by clicking and moving your funds between products.

Crypto wallet

We brought crypto assets into centralized world. Now with our BitPolis application you can own crypto assets alongside with financial products.

Secure storage for tokens

Our built-in VAULT service offers you storing your crypto assets everywhere directly from the mobile application. Now you can access crypto assets even if you will lost your mobile device.

3. Our Token

Silvero security token

BitPolis emits Silvero as a security token backed by an existing cash-flow generating asset – company Silverside.


Within the first half of 2019 BitPolis is launched including our revolutionary security token Silvero.


Arca Capital decided to prepare a digital platform for a new era in investment. We have created basic outlines of the project.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing specialists prepared thorough market insights and marketing strategy.

Business model

Prepared preliminary analysis together with a sustainable business model.

Regulatory and blockchain

PwC Switzerland cooperation launch and embed the project into the regulatory environment. Continue upgrading and customizing new generation of DPoS blockchain.

Platform development

BitPolis web page is launched in January. Subsequently, BitPolis Android application will be available.

2nd security token analysis

In this phase, we will be preparing regulatory, technical and marketing strategy to launch our second security token.

Silvero and BitPolis launch

During Q2 IOS application will be available and Silvero token sale will launch. At the end of Q2 Silvero tokens will be distributed.

2nd security token distribution

The second token will be created and distributed to the investors.

3rd security token analysis

At the beginning of 2020, analysis and strategy for the third security token will be set up.

PSD2 integration

Integrating PSD2 in current BitPolis solution to add additional value to investors and users of Bitpolis platform.

3rd security token distribution

The third token will be created and distributed to the investors. Continue updating BitPolis platform.

Other partnerships

Continue working on integrating PSD2 and partnerships with other platforms and security tokens.



Read about BitPolis and Silvero on our blog platform.

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