NOVA Green Energy

NOVA Green Energy is a fund of qualified investors (hereinafter only “Fund”) investing in equity of companies operating small and medium facilities (1-4 MW) that generate power from renewable sources of energy in the Central and Eastern Europe.

How to Invest?

Individual Investors

The investment in the Fund is exclusively intended for persons matching the definition of a qualified investor in compliance with Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds, therefore it is necessary to invest at least 125,000 EUR (3,500,000 CZK) and sign a Declaration of Risk Awareness concerning this type of investment and including investment experience.

Subsequently, the investor wishing to make investments fill out the following documents with the fund manager:

  • Agreement on Subscription/Redemption of Investment Shares
  • Request for Issuance of Investment Shares 
  • Declaration of Risk Awareness
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Form
  • FATCA documents

Institutional Investors, asset managers and similar financial institutions

You will need to fill out a few subscription documents:

  • Agreement on Subscription/Redemption of Investment Shares
  • Request for Issuance of Investment Shares
  • FATCA documents
  • Official list of authorized persons entitled to sign these documents on behalf of the institution/client
  • A copy of documents (e.g. your licence or similar document) that proves that your institution can be considered the professional investor

We will need hard copies of these documents from you by mail. To accelerate the process, please send us scan copies by e-mail while the hard copies are delivered to us.

Why to invest into the Fund?

• Stable and predictable return profile
• Low/no correlation to financial market volatility
• Strong service level agreements with reputable parties
• Proven team and track record

The fund provides an opportunity anchored in legislation-protected investment environment, suitable for cautious investors looking for stable returns.


The fund issues registered unit certificates at the nominal value of 0.1 EUR or 1 CZK.
The redemption of unit certificates is ongoing throughout a year process and the redemption periods by the investment company are set according to the size of required redemption amount. In case of the investment up to 10 million CZK the period is maximum 4 months from the end of the month in which the investment company received the request for redemption. In the period starting from the delivery of the request until the redemption of unit certificates, the unit certificates do not bear any interest.
The investment into the Fund is not time limited. The minimum recommended investment horizon is 3 years.


• Entrance fee - max. 3 %
• Exit fee - max. 5 % (2 years from entry)

The purchase of unit certificates by individuals (natural) and legal persons is most often carried out through so called “direct investment”. Direct investment means that the investor sends financial means directly to the Fund’s account maintained by its depository and subsequently unit certificates are credited to its asset account maintained by one of the participants of the Central Securities Depository (CSD) at an aliquot value. In case the investor has no property account at its disposal, the services of fund’s manager may be used in terms of account setting and the completion of the entire transaction.

In the first place, any investor interested in investing should read the information available about the Fund and its investment profile.